White Paper Press is a think tank specializing in translating scientific research into terms that allows people to make informed decisions about their lives. We are committed to understanding what science knows now (knowing that knowledge may change tomorrow) and to fostering critical thought.

As a social venture, White Paper Press seeks to stimulate change to accepted schemas and frameworks that do not best serve us as individual citizens or our society. With our first publication, The Montessori White Papers, we challenge the traditional concept of school.

The Montessori White Papers

The Montessori White Papers is White Paper Press’ first publication. The purpose of the white papers is to provide greater understanding of Montessori education at all program levels and to challenge our society’s concept of “school.” With more and more parents understanding what Montessori education can do for their children, our hope is that they can help convince policy makers to dismantle the antiquated industrial framework in which public (and much of private!) education is situated.

Feedback Loop

White Paper Press wants to hear from you!

If you’re a Montessori educator, we want to know the questions parents most frequently ask you. If you’re a parent, we want to hear your most pressing questions about Montessori education.

Collected questions will be answered via white papers. We’ll also analyze those questions by region so schools can better understand their local markets.

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