Jon Stewart Nails It

Jon Stewart Nails It

By on Apr 16, 2015


Jon Stewart is the star of this interview with Fareed Zakaria.

Don't we need to revamp our entire system? Isn't it antiquated -- the idea of 12 years of elementary school and middle school and high and then another four years of college -- isn't so much of that antiquated and we need to rethink the entire system?

This is an excellent question that shows that Stewart sees the bigger picture. Yet Zakaria responds with a puzzled look: "And just, like, go out and live with the wolves?" He is clearly NOT thinking outside the industrial school paradigm.

But this is where Stewart completely hits the proverbial nail on its head:

The only thing that hasn't changed is the paradigm of education. Everything else in the we have anything else in place as technology has changed...what have they done with education? It's the same structure, just now they have iPads.

Yes, yes, yes!

Sadly, Zakaria responds with talk about MOOCs -- which totally misses the point. Stewart is talking about the entire system, but Fareed doesn't seem to truly get that.

Online education is not the answer to a paradigm shift. It's simply another avenue to bring education to people, such as working adults, who may not be able to otherwise access it. Children, however, need social interaction with others in person. They need interaction with children -- of all ages -- and their teachers. (In fact, adults need this, too, but it's even more important for developing children who need time to practice their social and emotional skills.)

What people don't seem to realize is that a whole new paradigm does exist. One that is tried and true and has existed for more than 100 years: Montessori.

But policy makers have been very slow to adopt it.

Maybe if we had a "revolutionary" for Secretary of Education, say, I don't know...Jon Stewart...more school districts would adopt Montessori and fully implement it without trying to stuff it into the industrial paradigm.


He does need a new gig.


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